Keith Boykin

Author of For Colored Boys, Beyond The Down Low, Respecting the Soul & One More River to Cross.


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For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out, and Coming Home (2012)

- “For Colored Boys is a worthy addition to one’s library if for no other reason than the fact that it bears witness to the persecution of gay men and lets readers know that there are others who not only have shared their pain, but have found a way to survive and thrive.” - Lambda Literary Review

- Winner of the American Library Association Stonewall Award for Nonfiction in 2013.

- Nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.

Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies, and Denial in Black America (2005)

- “Boykin adds a great deal of balance to a debate that has been aflame for years.”  - Washington Post

- “An astute, clear-eyed look at a complex issue…Keith Boykin’s new book is an excellent analysis of a complex social and sexual phenomenon.” - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

- “Keith Boykin writes about three of the most explosive topics in American culture – sex, race and politics – from a cool, rational perspective.” - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

- “Amazing candor and wisdom backed by some serious research and social analysis.” - Time Out New York

- “Boykin, an Ivy League-educated journalist/commentator and former White House aide, thankfully applies reason to this controversy. The result is both personal memoir and thorough analysis…Taking on an investigator’s role, he dismantles the hyperbole usually attending such matters. Most readers will also appreciate the honesty with which Boykin describes his own life. All these factors make for a riveting read that deserves the widest audience.” - Library Journal

- “Boykin lucidly draws on science as well as personal experience in this important book.”Publishers Weekly

- “A major part of Boykin’s work is answering half-truths and distortions.” - Crisis Magazine

- “Keith Boykin casts a cold eye on the hot-button issue of the down low…By the end, he’s buried stereotypes and unearthed the true social forces driving the culture.” - POZ Magazine

Respecting the Soul: Daily Reflections for Black Lesbians and Gays (1999)

- “Put it on your night stand! This book is a real gem for meditation. It is pocket-sized, and each page correspond to a day in the calendar.” - customer review

- “Keith Boykin masterfully chronicles an inspirational piece that can only encourage the often discouraged and uplift the down trodden. Keith Boykin is a light in the lives of those who often find them selves in the dark shadows of abandonment and homophobia. A MUST READ for every L/G/B/T person, their famliy and friends. Boykin’s latest offering is the breath of fresh air that the community has been looking for.” - Ricc Rollins, author of Like Breathing

- Winner of the Lambda Literary Award.

One More River to Cross: Black & Gay in America (1996)

- “An important addition to the dialogue of tolerance this nation needs to embrace.” - Boston Globe

- “Shows with quiet but unassailable logic how prejudice can flourish in any part of the culture and prevent everyone from crossing that final river.” - San Francisco Chronicle

- “It’s a damned difficult task. Yet One More River to Cross is nothing if not lucid … [Keith Boykin’s] book sparkles with frankness and intelligence.” - The Advocate

- “A very significant contribution to America’s ability to understand itself in all its dimensions.” - Rep. Barney Frank 

- “Thoughtful and measured yet provocative and fearless, masterfully unraveling many of the complexities surrounding race and sexual orientation in America today.” - Michelangelo Signorile, author of Queer in America

- “In his brilliant and concise One More River to Cross, Keith Boykin introduces us to the real people behind the stereotypes…This tell-it-like-it-is book will affirm our faith and the unity of our diversity in the home in that rock we proudly call Black America.” - E. Lynn Harris, bestselling author

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